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Jan 16 2019 5:29AM Kate Baker Please can I cancel my advert? Many thanks
Jan 5 2019 1:09PM mrs. pattinson how are your avertisers contacted. I have a brother who lives in woolston who needs someone to help keep his flat clean and tidy.
Jan 4 2019 6:41PM Stephanie Baker hi im trying to cancel a wanted advert for my father and place a wanted advert for myself reading Driver required for lady with compromised health to enable her to access shops, prescriptions, voluntary activities and health appointments. Journeys would only consist of picking up from village near truro and driving to nearby location within truro for an up to an hour or an hour and a half appointment to then return back home. Mileage covered
Jan 4 2019 4:53PM Justin please also send any responses to my advert to my sister at
Dec 31 2018 11:16AM have had one or two replies but applicants did not turn up having accepted the position
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