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Every day we have over 500 Clients searching our database for a Carer, and we have over 6000 Carers registered and looking for Carer jobs. Clients prefer to Search and Enquire, although many do post adverts. With Carers it’s the other way around, with most Carers posting adverts as well as running searches.

So if you’re a Carer looking for a Carer job, give us a try, post your advert here on SimpleNeeds.

However, becoming well known on the web as the best place to find Carer Jobs is a game in itself.

These days “Carers” are known by several different job titles. “Carer” is probably the best known and perhaps best reflects the personal nature of care work, particularly private care work in an individuals private home. The term “Care Worker” is a more general term and covers both private individual care as well as care work in Care Homes. Amongst the disabled community “Personal Assistant” is commonly used, but this phrase can get confused with a businessman’s PA.

I’m a babyboomer and in my childhood the phrase “Home Help” was more common than Carer, so people looked for Home Help jobs instead of Carer jobs

“Home Care” or “HomeCare” (without the space) is another term commonly used and of course this gets mixed up with general household care. And finally the American term "Caregiver” is occasionally seen here.

You might wonder why we’ve written this page all about names and meanings, but actually its very important to us because we have to try and cater for all internet search terms. We have to make sure that we can be found when people search for Carer jobs, Home Help jobs, HomeHelp jobs, Home care jobs, HomeCare jobs, Care Worker job, Care Assistant job, Personal Assistant job, Home Care job , and finally the American Caregiver, and probably several other names we haven’t yet spotted.

And when you look it the other way around, from the Clients viewpoint, you start with “Service User”, but that's another story.