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Comments from our Clients and Carers

Mar 19 2019 6:12AM Absolutely no luck for months!
Mar 18 2019 5:09PM Straightforward well laid out advertising platform. Let's hope it attracts some interest
Mar 18 2019 2:55PM dell jenkins is this an agency ,or can the carers work direct for the client
Our Reply: We're not an Agency, you make your own arrangement directly with your client.
Mar 18 2019 8:19AM Maureen patterson Location didn’t suit as I’m not a car driver and Iv found it difficult to get work close to where I live in Blackpool
Mar 18 2019 2:09AM Mark Staunton Bit dissappointing so far, thought I found someone but they have not responded, and yet they have had an advert on here for ages for their services!
Mar 17 2019 12:17PM Louise Hutchinson I have been self employed for years working both for Country Cousins and other on this basis. HMRC need to amend their records because there are many highly qualified self employed Carers both Live in and other.
Mar 17 2019 11:51AM Geoff Waters Thank you for your service. Unfortunately, Mum passed away so there is no longer a need for a carer.
Mar 17 2019 9:08AM I again would like to let you know that carers are rarely self employed. This is the words of hmrc. It would be beneficial if you took this into consideration in the content of your website. See below someone in your home
Our Reply: Hard to know what to say. HMRC literature concerning Carers and their employment status is ambiguous and subject to differing interpretations at the best of times. Perhaps we'll review our section in due course. Thanks.
Mar 17 2019 8:47AM Christine Simpleneeds has worked well for me over the years, its a shame more people do not use it.
Mar 16 2019 1:49PM cannot access my messages and doesnt seem to advertise many jobs in my area, however i do check from time to time