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Oct 18 2018 7:58PM Abigail Dunn Hello, I using your site to look for care. When I googled my area there were several local ads that came up (page below) but when I do a postcode search these ads don't come up, so I can't make enquiries. Am I using the site incorrectly? At the moment I don't seem to be able to contact those coming up from the google search page, or through the post code search. Thanks for your help, Abigail
Oct 17 2018 11:30AM ALINA-CONSUELA NITA Hello ! I just had two emails from you but i can,t open them ,so can you help me please ? Thank you .
Our Reply: Just replied by email
Oct 17 2018 11:27AM Brilliant site!
Oct 14 2018 9:56AM Sry I am only looking to work 4 hrs in the mornings Monday till Saturday
Oct 12 2018 7:03AM Susie Still hopeful that I will find new clients. I have found two wonderful families in the past that I supported for a few years and remain dear friends with.
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