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Jan 19 2018 11:26AM Why don't you have a log in facility? Surely that is easier and less clunky than having to open an email every time you want to action something? PS. when I offered my web design service I was thinking UX rather than the look of it! It could be so much more streamlined and user friendly...
Jan 19 2018 11:15AM Bryony Hi - would be good to be able to see all messages?!
Jan 18 2018 2:45PM Debbie How do I view my ad please?
Jan 17 2018 11:11AM Bryony Hamilton Kelly Hi - how do we get to our messages and ad please?! Having to get a link to an email seems archaic.. PS. Your website is v confusing and slow. if you would like a free overhaul I do a bit of web design on the side!!!
Our Reply: Thanks for your message! 1. Messages and ad access are via links in emails. 2. This avoids the need for usernames/password logins and has been approved by the majority of users over several years. 3. Sorry you find it slow and confusing, would you explain exactly where? 4. The site is functional and aims only to get the database stuff accurate, which it does. Web design has never been at the top of the list. Thanks for your feedback.
Jan 17 2018 9:54AM Louise I'm looking for home help jobs in Poole Dorset?
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