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Nov 20 2018 2:40PM Mrs Hannah M Norris How am I supposed to pay my £25?
Our Reply: We've sent you an email.
Nov 20 2018 2:38PM Mrs Hannah M Norris I keep trying to message you. It keeps saying its not my email, when it obviously is..
Nov 20 2018 1:27PM Jennifer whitney Hi there i have a message from a simon kilvington hes done this before on other care sites & has been banned hes contacting women & asking them to call at his flat i find this very disturbing if you could please look into this thankyou.
Our Reply: Ok, will do.
Nov 19 2018 9:21PM Just joined very good site , but huge worry to me is total lack of security and confidentiality. I cannot believe home addresses are given out, bar the house no. A potential client contacted me via you but said he saw my address on the site and knew where I lived...unbelievable. House no not given but only 3 houses on side st, so not much of a challange for him to find me. Very unsettled and am going to query the legality of this. Should this lead to any problems ( hopefully it won't. ) I will take action
Our Reply: Seriously, if its a huge worry for you, please don't use us, its as simple as that.
Nov 17 2018 11:25AM Hannah Norris I can't get any message to you
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