Comments from our Clients and Carers

Jul 23 2017 12:45PM I heard of you when changing over with another carer who give me your name! I hope you will find me some jobs. I do not mind travelling further into East Kent, and Sussex
Jul 23 2017 11:32AM Lyn Hartman I have just found your website and a carer I would like to contact. What do I do next? thanks,
Jul 20 2017 3:52PM Mrs Amanda Harrison Hi please can you delete my ad as I have been advised to use an agency
Jul 13 2017 5:43PM Ann John Please forward me your latest list for Ad Ref 7595
Jul 13 2017 11:42AM Louise Darby I can't view your list of carer's advertising for work?? I have before, there seems no link that takes me to it...
Jul 13 2017 8:01AM Julie Hi - we have received an interested reply to our 'Help Wanted' advert however, I don't think the person knows we have responded. Is there a way you can contact them to check the next message we have sent. I have no way of knowing if they have read it or not?
Jul 13 2017 4:48AM Sandra Budd How do i contact the person who is advertising homecare from hansard crescent in caisor please
Jul 9 2017 4:11AM Stephen . A very good site for finding private work . At the moment there are none for live in work as i have looked over the last few weeks . hope some new clients join soon . I will just keep looking now and then . Is it not time to take off old adds that have been on the site for 3-6 months or over ?
Jul 8 2017 9:06PM Andrea Pardon Home help carer Mosley mount Interested to discuss being a full time carer for my mum on the beach estate ASAP.
Jul 8 2017 8:09PM Julia Horton Hi just been sent a few , wasn't aware there was any charges , thought it a free service ? Had no notifications of fees ever