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Comments from our Clients and Carers

Sep 23 2018 10:38AM Ad Verify AdID: 15933
Sep 23 2018 9:32AM Jacquelyn Clarke Please cancel my advert as I now have 2 part time jobs so won't have time for home care as well. Thank you
Sep 20 2018 10:18AM Julien honestly ,im here for nearly two years and nobody contacted me .
Sep 15 2018 9:14AM Margaret Smallbone I have found a Carer through your service. Do I pay you and if so how?
Sep 15 2018 8:13AM Margaret Smallbone Simple to use and produced fast results for me, I think your service is wonderful! I received 4 close to home responses and found who I was looking for. I like the lack of commercial hype -it is what it says -a site for matching needs with carers. How do I pay you?
Sep 11 2018 5:49PM Susie B Really hope I find some clients, I've been on here a few years and have only found two!
Sep 11 2018 2:41PM Preet Hello , I am with simpleneeds from many years .I always search jobs here as a live in or live out carer but not able to find .please let me know as I think I don't know how to find jobs as a carer on simpleneeds.please suggest.
Sep 11 2018 7:41AM Didn't work for me. Got only one enquiry. Which was only for a few hours a week. Been on hear six months and longer. Got no where.
Sep 10 2018 8:37AM Louise Hutchinson There was nothing to reply to!! She did not contact me directly and was not interested!
Sep 6 2018 8:25AM Bev Cross I want to reconfirm my add but can’t see how to do it?