Comments from our Clients and Carers

Feb 19 2018 9:05AM Debra BRADDER Good page ....Hopefully I will find a `live-in` care position .
Feb 17 2018 9:25AM Janette Thank you hopefully I will find work
Feb 13 2018 10:26PM Alan Really easy to use. Looks like I have found the help I need, and very quickly. Thanks!
Feb 13 2018 10:47AM Jacqueline Matthews Good site
Feb 12 2018 12:10PM Kim Hi I want to delete a advert & put a new one on please
Our Reply: On the ContactUs page there are instructions for cancelling your advert. So Cancel, then just start a new one.
Feb 9 2018 12:16PM Kim Hi could you contact me please regarding the advert
Feb 9 2018 12:02PM Racheal Lewis Hi could someone please contact me for a couple of questions I need to ask regarding my adverts Regards Racheal
Our Reply: Look at the ContactUs page for contact email address!
Feb 9 2018 10:39AM Philip Genders I wish to contact a carer in my area who has advertised on your site. How do I make contact with them?
Feb 8 2018 4:26PM Hi This is His Grace Ventures Limited Please how does this system work as we've registered and don't know the next step
Feb 6 2018 7:31AM RJWood No response to advert and two contacts with carers proved fruitless!