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Sep 24 2017 10:34PM 20 20
Sep 23 2017 8:45PM Susan canty I wish to amend and update my advert.
Our Reply: To change your advert please look at the instructions on the Contact Us page. Thanks Charles
Sep 11 2017 9:28AM Simon Swan Hello, I am enquiring for my mother who has been suffering from a low mood and anxiety. A friend mentioned your site and if you have any advice on a personal assistant to help my mother a few days a week, a few hours within the day such as being around in the morning when she gets her breakfast and has a bath and getting her out for a walk and to the shops My mother is based in Axminster, Devon. Is this the type of service I could request? Many thanks Simon
Our Reply: Your request is quite ok - it's what we're here for. Bear in mind though that we just make the introduction. You make contact with Carers yourself, via our anonymous message service. First you should post an advert so your requirement can be seen by Carers looking for work. Hope this helps.
Sep 7 2017 9:26AM Paula Bennett Please could you advise how I change my profile on the website
Our Reply: To change your profile please look at the instructions on the Contact Us page.
Sep 6 2017 9:55PM Leisa Hunt I recently had an add placed with you. Could you please remove the ad as my father has recently passed away and the ad no longer needs to be on there.
Sep 6 2017 4:14AM Wendy Baigent Im a private carer in portswood available evenings nights
Sep 5 2017 2:21PM Laurie Phillips Dear Charles Watts. Having gone around your site a few times, I finally came to the about us page and read it with interest. I haven't yet found someone I need, but I am pretty sure your site will help as I only pursued this today. Thank you for your initiative which seems a very simple but helpful idea. My websites are and
Sep 5 2017 1:55PM Laurie Phillips I have completed one enquiry but wanted to put the same message to another carer. Once sent the message was lost and I cannot see how I retrieve or see it again. Your service appears to be a very helpful one, but I dislike intensely any service where you cannot speak to those running it!
Our Reply: You can see your messages by using the link in the message confirmation set out to you.
Sep 3 2017 12:30PM Tracy Scrivens Hi I would like to contact regarding home care for my mum who is soon to be discharged from BDGH we are looking into aiding her with dressing and washing and certain meals when family are at work and some weekends. She is 86 and mentally alert but has suffered a fracture to the hip which has been pinned. This is with a look to a permanent place for the future to assist with her needs
Our Reply: You should place an Advert on SimpleNeeds if you want to find a Carer. And use the system to search for a carer by postcode.
Aug 30 2017 8:07AM Susan Huston I offer live in care all over the UK but because your site insists on a postcode this is drastically reducing my options. Is the only option to put the same ad in several times with different postcodes? Many thanks Susan
Our Reply: You just say you're live-in on your ad then select travel distance of 50+ miles. Then you come up on all search results for all areas.