Privacy Statement

1. We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998, Registration Number: Z 22 98 25X

2. When you place an Advert we take your email address, name, and postcode and then the care-setting details.

3. Your email address is never shown to anyone.

4. Your name is shown only in email enquires and replies, to help distinguish from others.

5.  Client Adverts display only the first part of the postcode and the village/district/town, without road name.

6. Carer Adverts display the whole postcode and associated partial address, which includes road name.

7. Your data is held in a secure professional data centre.

8. We may collect information relating to your visits, for example searches conducted, pages looked at.

9.  We may collect information relating to your computer at the time of your visit, for example browser type and version.

10. Our Cookie policy is that we use them only to recognise a repeat visit and say 'hello' to you by name.