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Telecare is a growing area of technology applied within the environments of elderly and disabled people to provide remote monitoring and alerting. A variety of pendant alarms (as in a necklace) and other alarms are available that enable the user to call for help when an accident occurs where they cannot reach the phone. Room monitors and sensors such as chair and bed pressure sensors, PIR motion sensors and door sensors all combine to provide a picture of the activity occurring. If normal activity ceases, or abnormal activity occurs an alarm is raised with a 24/7 call centre and/or family members and nominated neighbours. Alarms are raised either via telephone landlines or mobiles.

Telecare devices and home networks are offered by a number of vendors, at affordable prices, and Telecare is within the financial reach of most people.

SimpleNeeds has been asked to review this area and to consider whether we could combine our existing Client/Carer matching service with a Telecare service. The review is under way, and this page is where we'll publish our findings.



For completeness just a word about this.

Telehealth is similar in that it uses monitors and sensors, but rather than check physical activity, it checks bodily status, such as wristbands that check blood pressure.


Hope this all helps explain things!