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Care Homes

Care Homes is a huge topic that so far we have not covered in any depth, as there are so many websites that offer reviews and lists. However we have been asked to look into this area to see if there is anything we could offer or improve on, as care homes are an essential part of the care pathway.

The main issue for us is the vast difference between the best and worst. The best are angelic in their treatment of residents, but the worst are barbaric. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is tasked with identifying the bad ones, but it seems generally accepted that they find this difficult to achieve.

So we're left with user reviews. There are several websites which offer user reviews, but its hard to tell which ones are truly authoritative and up-to-date. Which is where we're asked to come in. Since we are in touch with so many clients, we have an opportunity to ask them for carehome feedback if they have experiences they're willing to share.

More on this later.