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We longer accept Agency adverts.

They've never really been effective as most of our customers are actively avoiding Agencies and seeking private arrangements instead.

We started accepting Agencies some years ago when we found Agencies using our free advertising service intended for private use. Some of our private clients and carers were upset as they were not not expecting to encounter Agencies.

We felt that businesses should pay to use our service, and should be identified as such, so we introduced paid-for Agency Ads. We hoped it would build into a good revenue stream, but it has never worked out that way.

We've had all sizes of Agencies sign up, from big franchises like Bluebird to one-person start-ups.

But in general their approaches to carers and clients get rejected.

And now I've finally concluded that we can't please both camps, so we're stopping Agency Ads.

You'll find some Agencies will still make approaches via messaging, and this is hard to stop when they make their approach plausibly "private". However we'll deal with that as and when it happens.