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Private Arrangement

This is where you make a private arrangement with someone who agrees in return to be your carer, with no agency involved in the transaction.

If you are fortunate enough to know of a carer by recommendation, then you're off to a flying start. You don't need to read any further on this page.

Otherwise you make contact with candidates via private classified ads. First you have to choose which website you're going to use. There are several sites that carry carer ads, but each site has them in differently named sections. There is no science as to which is best, its guesswork and hunch.

We recommend SimpleNeeds for clients and carers to find each other.

We are the only specialist site, and in addition we are  evaluating a chaperone service to provide check-up visits.

The Employment Status of the carer is usually self-employed. The client is not an employer.

In a private arrangement the carer is exempt from Regulation and CRB Disclosures are entirely optional.